Environmental and Sustainable Practices

We at Casa Grande respect nature and the environment and make a concerted effort to “walk the talk”.

Here are our current practices.

  • Recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and glass.
  • Use cold water and biodegradable soap for the wash.
  • Use energy-saving lightbulbs.
  • Use timers on outdoor lighting.
  • Monitor and regulate hot water heaters.
  • Maintain a labeled botanical garden with a large variety of local and other flora.
  • Developed and now maintain a hiking trail through the mountainside forest.
  • Grow, harvest and serve local fruits and vegetables.
  • Care for and find homes for stray dogs and cats.
  • Utilize ceiling fans instead of air-conditioners in the guest rooms.
  • Promote the conservation of energy by encouraging guests to reuse bathtowels and turn off ceiling fans and lights when leaving their room.
  • Provide recycling cans in guest rooms for used plastic, aluminum and glass containers.
  • Maintain a tranquil environment prohibiting the use of television, radio and vcr’s.
  • Employ staff from the surrounding community.
  • Recycle outdated equipment and furnishings by offering them for sale to employees at generous discounts.
  • Offer a 3 hour guided adventure experience along the riverside and up a mountain stream culminating at a 40 foot high waterfall with a natural pool below.
  • Promote local artisans by buying their works (masks, lithographs, books, music) for resale.
  • Support local farmers by buying their fresh produce and organic coffee.
  • Host activities for Girl Scouts, schools, universities, churches and other community organizations.
  • Sponsor, promote and host a variety of retreats which encourage and develop an appreciation of the natural world including, yoga, dance, meditation, tai chi, writing and painting.