Hiking Trails

A Hike in the Forest: (about 45 minutes from Casa Grande) – Walk partway down the driveway in front of the hacienda. On the right you’ll see a small sign that says “el camino”. Take the path up the hillside. This is where the trail begins and ends. About 15 minutes into the hike you’ll come to a fork and a park bench. If you go left up “Ceiba” you’ll be on the high road. If you go right down “Valle” you’ll be be on the low road. Either way, you’ll return to the bench as the trail is a loop from that point on to the left of the bench, you will see the sign for “Vista”. Follow the trail winding down the mountain to a drive way that leads to road #612 and return to the property entrance.

Moderate to Difficult Loop Hike: (4 miles; 2-3 hours) – By car, go down the driveway and turn left onto Road 612. Just after Km 5 turn left and park your car at the side of the road. Begin your hike and at all forks in the road, always stay to the right. You will end up where you began. Besides these hikes there are a number of walks you can take by the roadside that provide wonderful views of the landscape. Just go down the driveway to Road 612, turn left or right and you’re on your way. A note of caution: stay alert for the free-wheeling local drivers.

Photos courtesy of Gary Weingarten