Partnering Opportunity to Develop a Holistic Health Center

With 4,000,000 inhabitants, a bi-lingual culture, the U.S. dollar, commonwealth status, tropical climate, good infrastructure, regularly scheduled airline flights from all major mainland cities and a rapidly developing local interest in holistic health, Puerto Rico is an ideal venue for a holistic health center.

Casa Grande’s extraordinary natural setting lends itself to that pursuit. We attract a clientele of individuals and families interested in immersing themselves in a natural environment as well groups focusing on yoga, meditation, healing and spirituality.

With this in mind, we are interested in connecting with holistically inclined individuals, businesses and communities seeking a physical presence in the Caribbean.

Steven Weingarten

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat
PO Box 1499
Utuado, PR 00641
Tel#: 787-894-3939 / 787-894-3900