We at Casa Grande can benefit from the expertise of people professionaly trained and skilled in restaurant, gardening or bodywork.

Restaurant: There is currently an opening to head up Casa Grande’s restaurant as chef/ manager. We have a diverse menu so the person must be skilled in meats, poultry, fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Fluency in English is essential and Spanish is desirable.

Gardens: We would like to upgrade the gardens. We have many trees, shrubs and flowering plants in numerous separate gardens around the property. The professional hands of a working gardener would greatly enhance the appearance of our already beautiful landscape. We have a small herb garden and are interested in creating a small working farm to grow and harvest vegetables for our restaurant.

Healing Arts: We’re seeking the services of a professional bodyworker for the short or long term.

In exchange for these services we’ll provide free room and board and possibly additional compensation. If interested in either of these opportunities please send us your resume via e-mail or fax.

Steven Weingarten